Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 3

Rich took the boys down to breakfast again and I went for a run. St George has a great trail system and luckily we were really close to it so I enjoyed a great 5 mile run on the trails. It was a beautiful morning and I knew we were going to have great weather all day and was really excited.
Rich had the kids at the pool when I got back so we traded places and he went running again and I was excited to sit by the pool and finish my book. It was perfect.
Alex loves doing tricks in the pool and really wanted to make sure I got some pictures of him doing handstands in the water. He was making a 4 with his legs and thought that was really tricky!!

They didn't have a kid pool but the stairs were really big and that is where Max spent most of his time. He thought he was such a big boy jumping into the water all by himself, he just kept doing it over and over again.
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Max started getting tired and came and sat on my lap. I realized that he had fallen asleep so I wrapped him up in some towels and put him on the lawn chair. He didn't stay asleep very long though.

We went to get changed and decide what to get for dinner. Alex picked Chuckarama so we went there and ate. Max did fall asleep there and he stayed asleep the whole time we were there. We went to a couple stores after and guessed it, headed back to the hot tub one last time.
Max was waiting for us to get our swimsuits on and I thought these pictures were too cute!!
Alexa was hanging out at the condo all day so we didn't get to see her until bedtime. She came back about 10pm and got showered and we all watched Madagascar 2 and went to bed!!


Amy said...

maxwell looks like he is 2 years older! why does he look so big in these pictures?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Seeing the pool pictures makes me SO ready for good weather and a vacation! Jealous!

Melissa said...

I love those pictures. That sounds like so much fun!