Friday, March 13, 2009

The Gateway (part 2)

We slept in until was great!! We got free breakfast with our "upgrade" so I sent Rich down to get it and I got in the shower. It was a great breakfast...fresh fruit, a bagel with strawberry cream cheese, yogurt and a muffin with a glass of O.J.
After we got all ready for the day we checked out and headed back to The Gateway. It was such a beautiful day, the sun was shining and it was warm. We walked around again and went inside a few stores but really just wanted to enjoy the sunshine so we found a place to sit by the water fountain. People watching is one of my favorite pass-times so I really enjoyed myself. We talked and made comments about what people were wearing etc.
I was watching the people by the water and I saw a girl with a headband around her head and I said to Rich "that looks like Amy (my sister)" and I looked closer then I saw her husband and son so I knew it was her!! I ran over and grabbed her from behind and scared her a little was fun! I knew they were coming but I didn't know they were here. My sister Melanie and the Harris's got tickets for Disney on Ice. We decided to hang around til it was over so we could go to dinner with them!

It was a really sunny and bright day so we both bought a new pair of shades.
Again, this is the only picture I have of the day. We checked to see if we could catch a movie while we were waiting but it didn't work out so we got some ice cream and headed back to our rock!! We both got a pretty good tan on our faces!!
When the show was over we headed to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, it was a long wait but we finally got seated and it was the most delicious steak I have had in a long time!! I love their food and it was fun to hang out with my family!
Mckell and Joseph took care of the kids Friday night and Jennifer picked up the boys and took them to her house Saturday night while Alexa was taking tickets at Miss Spanish Fork.
When we were driving home we both thought the weekend was too short but we had a great time together and I am glad that we had some "alone" time. I am glad that we have such awesome family that will watch the kids so we can do this every once in a while!!!


Melissa said...

Fun weekend! I love The Gateway! That's funny that you saw Amy and knew it was her because of her headband!

Jason said...

It wasn't her headband, it was her hot husband!!!!!

Shannon said...

I'm glad you had a fun weekend. Every couple deserves some alone time.