Friday, March 13, 2009


For Valentines Day Rich booked a night at the Hilton in Salt Lake and the day has finally come!! I got off work early and we started our weekend with lunch at J-Dawgs. It is a hot dog stand on the BYU campus. We heard about this place a few years ago and have tried to go a few times but they were closed when we tried. I am glad that we were finally able to partake of the delicious hot dogs.
If you are ever anywhere near the BYU campus and you enjoy a great hot dog, you have to try one!!
The picture is terrible because I took it from across the street but you get the idea, it is a small red shack and all they offer is the famous j-dawg, either beef or polish and Pepsi products...that is it!!!!
Here is a picture of mine before I tired it...they cut it before they cook it so the special sauce will be cooked into the dawg, I am not very adventurous and didn't put any toppings on it other than the special sauce. Rich got sauerkraut on his.
The buns are made at a bakery and they were really soft and had a great taste as well. I hate to admit but I probably could have eaten didn't fill me up the way I thought it would.
We decided next time we come we will have to bring some chips and maybe some dessert to really make it a satisfying lunch.
After we were finished eating we stopped to buy some girl scout cookies on the corner and then we were off to Salt Lake.


Rohan and Jenifer Shearer said...

Those hot dogs do look pretty darn good! Where on campus is it?

Jason said...

ummm...BYU campus...closed...maybe you should try not going on sunday!!!