Saturday, November 6, 2010

WORK Hard, PLAY Hard

Today is Saturday...I have a love hate relationship with this day. I love when I have things planned or we are out of town, I hate when I actually have to do chores and other unpleasant things.
Today was a "chore" day and there is always alot to do and I am always really happy about the little projects that get accomplished but it is just the actual doing them that I don't love. I threw in some laundry and Rich got to work on the bathrooms. The kids each have a Saturday chore. Alexa cleans the downstairs bathroom, Alex vacuum's the basement and helps Max with emptying the garbage's. We are going to re-arrange the front room but that involves ALOT of time and work, so instead I headed outside to dig up the tomato plants and cut down all the flowers and bushes. It was great weather for yard work and it may be one of the last few good days for it so I knew this was the day to get it done.
I think I went out around 11am and I got in the shower at 4ish so that was alot of yard work and let me tell you my back was really feeling it! When Rich finished up inside he came out to mow and get the lawn ready for the snow. We got all the Halloween boxes put away and he was hoping to get the Christmas lights up but there was not enough time!
Saturday is our "date night" and we had tickets to a play so we had to get ourselves all cleaned up and ready for a night on the town! We ate dinner at Gloria's and then headed to Hale Center Theater for "The Scarlet Pimpernel." It was a fun show and it was the last one we had with our season tickets. After the play was over and we were in the car I suggested we go to a midnight movie. It is daylight savings so we get to set the clock back 1 hour anyway. I told Rich that when you work hard you should be able to play hard!! We bought tickets for a 12:30 showing of "Takers." The thing is it was only 10:30 when we bought them so we had some time to kill.
We headed to Target and got there 15 minutes before they closed so we hurried and looked around. After that our only other option was Wal-Mart. We browsed the Christmas stuff and they had a little "mock living room" set up with a couch and tables and a fireplace so we sat down and I read "The Christmas Sweater" to Rich. We got stuff for tomorrow's dinner and then it was time for the movie. Rich really wanted popcorn but didn't want to break the Sabbath (even though we had just made a purchase at Wal-Mart). I could tell he was having a personal debate with himself during the previews. Then he leaned over to me and said "it is actually only 11:30 because of daylight savings." So he felt justified and went and got his popcorn. I told him that "technically" you aren't supposed to change your clocks until 2 or 3 am but he didn't think that was important!
We ended up getting home around 2:30am and by the time we actually were able to wind-down and go to bed it was closer to 4am. All in all in was a great Saturday and it is so nice to see the yard all ready for the winter!

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