Monday, November 22, 2010

FHE Thanksgiving Style

For FHE tonight I wanted to focus on Thanksgiving and have some FUN!!! We started out by making lists of what we are thankful for. Then we each went around and shared some of the items off our lists.

Rich said he was thankful for:
*The Church
*Our Country
*Good Examples
*Men and Women in the Military
*The Scriptures

Here are some from my list:
*Diet Coke
*The Prophet
*The Beautiful World
*A Healthy Body
*Our Home

I took pictures of the kids lists because they were so unique and individual and I LOVED them all!!!

Alexa is thankful for:I guess she liked Alex's idea and started drawing pictures but she ran out of least she got the most important ones...cats and boys!!!

Alex was very creative and is such a great artist, he makes me proud!
What an artist.

Max's only option was to draw since he can't write...
he drew the house all by himself, and the people at the bottom are him and me.

After that we played Thanksgiving BINGO for prizes. Alexa kept winning, Rich forgot how to play (I looked over at his card and he had 2 Bingo's but forgot to call them). Max and Alex were very patient as we continued to play until they won!! It was a great time and we ended the evening with chocolate silk pie!!! DELICIOUS!!


Erin said...

What a fun FHE!!! Good idea!

Shortcake and Company said...

I love that idea and I really love Alexa is grateful for Diggy Simmons. That made me smile and totally fits her fashionable self.