Thursday, November 18, 2010

Afternoon Concert and It's my Birthday AGAIN???

This year for our birthday's my mom gave Rich and I some money because we wanted to buy season tickets to The Capital Theater. They were a bit more expensive than I thought so we decided to buy tickets to see the Tran-Siberian Orchestra and also tickets to a Jazz game. That left us with some money left over for...who knows, maybe more concerts or Jazz games!!

The concert is so popular that the 8pm show sold out so they added a 4pm show and that is what we had tickets for. I met Rich at the park and ride in Orem and we headed to Salt Lake. As the show started I could tell it was going to be a very visual performance.
They had tons of strobe lights and pyro-technics.
It was really hard to get any good pictures because of all the lights and smoke. The first part of the show was a Christmas story (I didn't follow it that well), it was narrated and then there were songs. There was a LOT of long hair and head banging with electric guitars and violins. Not a typical Christmas concert but very entertaining. That was about an hour and a half. I thought it was over but they came out and said there was more...and there was, an hour more!! By that time it was a little too much for me and I thought 2 and 1/2 hours was a bit long.

I am really glad we finally went because for several years we have been wanting to go see this show. Honestly I would not see it again, but I am glad I went!

Rich and I have also really wanted to try Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. It is a very expensive place to eat and I don't love spending a ton of money on food. I had $100 left over from the treadmill money and they were having a special...a salad, entree, a side and dessert for $59 per person. For those of you who have been to this place can appreciate that this is really a good deal.
Rich made reservations for 7pm and they took us to the table and there was a Happy Birthday sign and little happy birthday confetti's all over the table. The hostess asked who's birthday it was and Rich said it was mine. I guess when he made the reservation they asked if it was a special occasion and he told them it was for my birthday. So I felt embarrassed since my birthday was like 2 months ago.
Rich ordered the New York steak. They cook the meat in a really high temperature oven and it comes out at about 500 degrees. It was sizzling and smoking and the plate was super hot!!
I ordered the Fillet Mignon. When I order this at other restaurants they usually have to butterfly it because I order it medium well but they cook it at such high heat that they don't have was DELICIOUS!! I have to admit it was worth the money!!! We got garlic mashed potatoes and green beans for our sides and they were really good too!!
When the waitress came to take our plates away she pulled out this "crumb comb" and cleaned off our nice linen table cloth. It was pretty awesome!!
Since it was my "birthday" I got free dessert. I chose the double chocolate, which is the chocolate cake with warm gooey fudge in the center and huge berries on top with a custard on the was so rich!! I loved it, and so did Rich. There was also a little cup of chocolate mousse with whipped cream on top.
I blew out my candle but I didn't make a wish because it wasn't really my birthday!!

I was totally impressed with everything about this restaurant. I would love to go back and try it again. I have never had a steak with such great flavor!!

We were SO FULL that we decided we needed to walk around a bit before heading home. We made a quick stop at Target and I didn't even buy anything, now that is rare!! Alexa watched the boys for us, we got home around 11pm and they were all asleep!!! It was a great day, I love spending time with Rich!!

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Shortcake and Company said...

Your description of the concert makes me laugh. I LOVE Ruth's Chris and am totally salivating thinking about the steak & mashed potatoes. Sounds like a great "birthday"!!