Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Funny Four Year Old

For dinner tonight we had garlic herb chicken with rice, corn and rolls. Max can be a very picky eater and I refuse to fight with him everyday so for the most part he survives on cereal and sandwiches and quesadillas. But on Sunday's I make him eat what we are having and he always complains but usually does O.K.
I dished up his plate with NO rice because he always complains about rice for some reason. I gave him some chicken a few kernels of corn and a roll. He jellied up the roll and ate that up. I told him that he should eat the things he doesn't like first and save the best for last but he didn't listen. He would not even try the chicken or corn. He kept asking for more rolls and drink. Rich and I made it perfectly clear that if he didn't eat what was on his plate then he could not have ANYTHING the rest of the night. He stuck his tongue out and licked the chicken a little and said it was TOO GROSS and that was that.
Now, he is only 4 and I don't want to get DCFS called on me for child abuse so I was questioning myself a little. I made very sure that Max understood that if he did not eat what was on his plate that he would not be able to eat anything else at all until breakfast. He understood and even agreed that he could not have a sucker when we went to the Copes for a visit.
When we got to Rich's parents house the first thing he said to Stephanie was that he was grounded from food. I didn't hear him tell her that and when she told me I thought that was SO FUNNY and I guess in his own way he totally understood!!


Jennifer said...

That's so cute! I hate fighting with my kids at dinner time, it's constantly a battle, so we made up a rule that they have to eat at least a certain amount of bites of everything on their plate. The amount of bites they have to eat is their age. They do pretty good with this and it has helped a ton because they know if they don't eat their bites then that's it!

Erin said...

hahahaha!!! that is so funny!!! he's too cute!