Friday, November 26, 2010

Door Busting

Since it was SO COLD outside we didn't want to go anywhere that we would have to stand outside and Wal Mart had some deals starting at midnight so that was where we headed first. We got there about 12:15am and it was a ZOO. There have never been that many cars in the parking lot. We always like to get the cheap DVD's and by the time we made our way back there all the good ones were gone. We had to watch people that had their carts full of them and followed them around so that when they went through them we could get their reject pile. This worked like a charm and we all got what we were looking for (except I never did get 27 Dresses).
It was so crazy in there and we were in line forever but that is what "black friday" is all about!

Old Navy was our next stop and we were able to score $5 pajama pants and some other items. The lines there were crazy too!

Kohl's was next on the list and I hit the jackpot...but I can't say with what!! I am not a fan of Kohl's usually but my sisters love it! The lines of course were crazy there too so Monica and I walked over to Kmart to get Mel some stuff before it was gone. We got everything we needed there and waited in the huge line again!

Then it was time for breakfast. We headed to McDonald's and ate and relaxed a little and decided what we should do next. It was about 8 or 9am by this time, I think. Amberly had a tummy ache so Amy's car took her back to mom's and me, Mel and Monica decided to go to Sam's Club. We pulled out of the parking lot and saw our Dad walking down main street. We pulled over to pick him up, he was getting new tires and was going to wander around. We took him to Sam's with us. We looked at a few things and then we sat down on the comfortable couches to wait for Amy and Melissa to meet up with us. Mel fell asleep a few times and it was really funny! We were trying to decide where to go next but the couches were just so comfortable that no one wanted to get up!

We went to the bakery for a donut and dropped dad back off to get his truck, then we headed to the mall. I hit the jackpot again at the toy store. We debated on going into Bath and Body Works because it was So BUSY but we finally did, Monica stayed out on the bench and was falling asleep. I got a text from her that said "if you guys don't hurry, heads will roll." I thought that was funny. We wrapped up our shopping and headed back to mom's. It was 12:30 when we finally headed back...12 hours of "black friday" shopping and worth every minute!!

The rest of the day is kind of a blur...I fell asleep for a bit, Amy and Jason took the teenagers (we started calling Alexa and McKenzie that) to a few stores, we watched movies and ate leftovers!

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