Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast

After the race we stopped at the gas station for some breakfast and hot chocolate and headed up to Logan.
The kids woke up pretty early and so they all took a little nap except Alex. He was too excited to see his grandma Oliver!!!

I jumped into the shower real quick so I could help with the food. I am always in charge of the yams.
As you can see, the teenagers were not very helpful in preparing the meal.

Here is the beautiful table...candles and all. I guess Rich wasn't that big of a help don't worry Rich, you just sit back and read the paper while we do all the work!! Of course I am totally teasing and he did do like 3 loads of dishes after!!
I had to get a shot of Dave with his Dr. Pepper. I just thought that was really funny, I think that's a first!
Miss Brinlie was the cutest little pioneer ever!!
Melissa was full so she had to stretch back and let her food digest!
I didn't get any shots of the whole table sitting down before we started eating. We enjoyed a wonderful meal and went around the table to say what we are grateful for. I love Thanksgiving.
We took a few family shots after dinner.
Isn't she the cutest??
Here is the Clark family. I didn't get the Harris's or the Summers on my camera...I will have to steal them if anyone ever posts them!

After the dishes were all done we pulled out the ads to see what our "black friday" shopping adventures would entail. I don't think I wrote anything down, the ads were not that great, and I told my kids that I was only buying them 1 present this year. They will get gifts from santa of course so it's not like they will only have 1 present to open but I feel like I go overboard and need to cut back!

While we were looking at the ads Max and Owen wanted to look at all the ones with toys. They kind of ruined the system and made a mess of the paper but Max really wanted to circle the things he wanted so after we were done looking he took some of the ads and circled the toys he wanted. He folded them up and told me to hold on to them so he could show them to Santa Claus. All weekend he kept asking where his "mazagines" were, it was really cute!

Oh and I almost forgot the best part of the night...Me, Amberly, Melissa, Amy and Alexa went on a drink run to Mooch's. As me and Amb were getting our drinks this big huge tongan dude with tatoo sleeves on his legs (yes it was 5 degrees outside and he had on shorts) came in and shoved past Amberly and said "excuse me" (as in get out of my way, very rudely). Well he made it over to me and said it again, "excuse me" and I said "can I finish getting my drink first?" He says "hey lady, what's your problem? I said excuse me." Then he continued on saying "I'm in a hurry." So I said "maybe I am in a hurry too." He asked "what's with the attitude lady, I said excuse me, do you own this gas station?" Then Amy pipes in "do you?" Alexa is looking at me like mom, why don't you just be quiet...she thought things were going to get out of hand, but I could not just let it go, it was completely ridiculous! He goes on to tell Amy that he doesn't own the gas station but he knows the owner and "I went skiing with him this morning, WHAT NOW LADY?" yes, that is exactly what he said. Melissa dosen't do well with confrontation so her and I were up with the cashier paying for the drinks and as she hands her money to the girl she knocks her drink over and it spills all over the counter and the floor onto the cashier. The guy just walked out without getting anything and we were all like "did that just really happen?" It was so crazy, I still can't believe people act that way!

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