Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We picked up Rich from work at 3:30pm to head up to Salt Lake for the night. We stopped in for a late lunch at Sconecutter in Sandy and then checked in to the Hilton.

It was pretty early and the boys were anxious to get to the pool so Rich took them and Alexa and I jumped on TRAX to The Gateway. It was a really cold night and for some dumb reason I forgot a coat and I had a skirt on. I borrowed Rich's jacket and we were off. It was fun walking around but our time was cut short by her dad calling and telling me he was on his way to pick the kids up for dinner. His cousin is in town for Thanksgiving from London and he really wanted to meet the kids. We rushed back and made it just as they pulled in. He took them to Chili's for dinner.

Well by this time we were hungry again so Rich, Max and I decided to hop back on TRAX and go eat at the food court at Gateway. I made Rich wear my hoodie so I could wear his jacket and he was so put off. He was embarrassed and said he looked "homeless" which was kinda true but who cares, right??
Max loves riding the train and kept asking questions about where the driver was, it was cute.
After we ate, we walked down to the huge tree with lights and hung out by the fire to warm up.
Max and Rich stayed there while I ran to Old Navy. It was hard leaving the warmth of the fire but we pulled ourselves away and headed back. We got back just as the kids did so it was perfect timing.

We all decided to head back down to the pool and sit in the hot tub.
Rich and the kids were feeling crazy and decided to go outside and do "polar bears," Alex is the only one who actually laid in the snow but it was freezing. We had a good long soak and then headed up to the room to get showered and ready for bed.

We had a great day together!

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