Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas Crafting

This morning we had an Activity Day's "Super Saturday" activity with the girls and their moms. We had breakfast at the church and then had 3 craft projects for them to work on. I was in charge of the Christmas cards. I made a few examples to give some ideas. I can't believe how creative all the girls were making their cards. We had a great turnout and everyone had a great time crafting!

There was a lot of paper left over so I took some home and since I already had the mess out I decided to just get them all done this afternoon.
I made cards for hours while watching "A Christmas Carol", "Fred Claus" and "The Grinch." I don't think I have ever watched Christmas movies this early in the year but I WAS making Christmas cards so I thought it was appropriate.

I took a little break to go to Nephi for Rich's dad's birthday party. When we got home Max wanted to watch "The Grinch" again so we threw it on and I finished up with all the cards and another Christmas project that I will blog about later.
This is how the night ended...WITH SNOW!!! How perfect!!!

P.S. While I was inside enjoying Christmas movies, Rich was outside freezing his tail off putting up the Christmas lights!!!

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Melissa said...

Cute cards. Love the Christmas lights!