Friday, September 12, 2008

Rich turns "35"

I am posting this a day early since I won't be around a computer on his birthday tomorrow. I just wanted to tell everyone that I have the BEST husband in the world...I know everyone says that but I REALLY do!!

I have seen so many people do the list of however many years old thats how many things they write so with lack of a better more original idea I guess I will go ahead and do the same...they are no particular order (just typing them as they pop into my head)


2. H has such a strong testimony of the Gospel
3. He is good at small talk
4. He is a wonderful father
5. Thoughtful
6. Such a great runner
7. He likes to travel
8. Has funny quirks (rubbing hems of sheets and shirts)
9. Plays so cute with Max
10. Smart
11. Very hard worker
12. Loves things to be "clutter free"
13. He's a great example to me and the kids
14. Takes his reponsibilities seriously
15. He loves me
16. He cleans the bathrooms
17. Is very particular about EVERYTHING (sometimes drives me crazy, in a good way)
18. Knows the gospel
19. Honest
20. Loves his family
21. Loves to surprise me (I am not a huge fan of surprises)
22. Teases his sisters to no end
23. He takes it personally if the grass doesn't look green enough
24. Inspiring
25. Always does his best
26. Enjoys being hot
27. LOVES Politics
28. Moves at his own pace (which is a little slower than I like most the time)
29. Is very thourough
30. Looks great with lots of curly hair or bald as an eagle
31. He hates "rides" and won't even go on them
32. Wants to travel the world
33. He has goals
34. Loves his car
35. He is ALL mine

I hope that you have a really great year and that you will be able to accomplish all the things that you are trying to acheive. I love you so much and am SO grateful you are my husband...your the best person I know!


Amy said...

Raise the roof for Rich..woowoo woowoo! Happy Birthday! We love having you in the family. Thanks for making my sis so happy.
p.s. ang...did you really mean contentious on #9?

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Rich! You are such a great brother in law! We love you!

Shannon said...

He is a good husband. I love that he always surprises you, even though you don't like it. And I wish Jeff was more like him in the bathroom cleaning area. I HATE cleaning bathrooms. What a guy!

Rohan and Jenifer Shearer said...

Happy Birthday Rich! You look great for 35! I'll be a few more than that this year, but I tell people I'm 45 so they think I look good for my age. :)

The Swensons said...

Holy Crap Rich you are really, Really OLD!!! I am so glad I am still in my twenties. Bet you wish you as young as me!

Tiesha said...

Yeah, happy birthday! You two are so cute and nice!! Good luck with your run this weekend!!