Thursday, September 18, 2008

My WEEK in Reno, NV

I left for Reno, NV on Monday morning for the annual Rocky Mountain AHMA Conference for my work. I got there a day early so after I checked into the Silver legacy Hotel/Casino I was looking for an adventure. I found out there was a bus station around the corner so I hopped on and went to the mall. It was fun.
I had to be in class at 8am every morning and it went until 5 or so which made for really long days. I got kind of lonely and ended up talking to myself a bit. I was signed up for the CPO course and there is a test you have to take when you are done with the classes. If you pass then you are a certified CPO. The class was good but there was a ton of imformation that didn't really pertain to the property that I manage but it was all on the test so I had to pay attention!
I left Rich home with the kids and he was a great dad and mom while I was gone. I really missed them.
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While I was in Reno I, dyed my hair and cut my bands, played the penny slots, made a second trip to the mall and after my test on Thursday (which took 2 1/2 hours) I hopped on the bus and found an In and Out Burger for dinner, I love that place!
Friday morning I had a way early flight to catch so I didn't get much sleep. Rich and the kids picked me up from the airport and then we headed up to Logan for the weekend.

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