Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Birthday (my sister Amy posted this on her blog)

To my sister Angela. Today she is celebrating, not with me, but still celebrating. I miss her. She lives in Spanish Fork and it is too far away! Seriously, have you ever driven to Spanish Fork? It takes a long time, especially when you are so excited to get there to see your sister that you haven't seen for at least two whole weeks! I for real miss her. So what if she is not on the other side of the country. She is not a ten minute drive away and I am still not used to that. Anyway, here is her birthday shout out:

- she has a great laugh
- she has a great outlook on life. she does not let things that she has no control over worry her
- she loves food
- she wil randomly pull out coupons for Marie Calendars when someone says they are in the mood for a pie
- she hits garbage cans when she is getting pulled over by police men
- she has always been easy to talk to and always listens
- she makes friends wherever she goes
- she loses her toenails when she runs
- her feet get bigger every year and she is liking it because she gets a better selection of shoes in the bigfoot section(i am laughing my head off, for real!)
- she is a great mom and such a good example
- she stays up and has late night talks with me
- she is a rad big sister

Hope you had a great day Ang. I love you!!!

Thanks Amy that was very sweet of you and very thoughtful. I am not sure where you came up with some of that stuff though...just kidding it was pretty much right on, you know me SO well!!!


Melissa said...

You are great sis! Hope your day was the best!

Jason said...

YOU ARE THE BESTEST, GREATEST, FUNNEST SISTER EVER!!!!!! I really wish I could have made it to your B-day lunch (Chuck-a-Rama is my favorite you know!! By the way, do you think they called it Chuck-a-Rama because you rama the food in until you are about to chuck??? Maybe!). Anyway, I hope you had the best B-day ever because you sure do deserve it champ!! (I am really hoping this is going to make up for me not being able to make least a little. Stupid homework anyway!!) Well, til next time.

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday. I'm sorry I didn't know or I would have brought you a Diet Coke. Your sis is cute for posting that. You gotta love sistah's.

Jami said...

Your family pictures are SO cute! And byt...happy birthday!

Erin & Keri said...

Hey Angela,

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a great one!!!=)

Rich said...

The answer to Amy's dilema is to move to Spanish Fork. I'm sure we can find them jobs down here.