Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Max's 1st Haircut

Rich has been bugging me to get Max's haircut for a few weeks and I just don't want it cut yet. Well when we were in Logan Monica slicked back his hair and put it in a ponytail and I guess that was the last straw for Rich.

You can't see it that well in these pictures but he had a little pony tail in the back and Rich was NOT happy about it...

so I put him in the kitchen sink for a bath and cut off his precious curls. I was not happy about it and I didn't like the finished product. I did a pretty good job cutting it but I was sad cause it made him look so different. He liked it though and so did everyone else. I guess it will always grow back!!!
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Shannon said...

It grows him up a lot, but it looks great. He's such a cute boy.
It's so curly, too.

Lacie said...

You will love it in no time! I think the first haircut is the hardest thing ever...you feel like you lost your baby. Well thats what I felt like. I think it looks GREAT!

Melissa said...

He does look different, but he is still freaking cute! And I don't blame Rich for the ponytail being the last straw - that was too rotten!