Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekend Visitors

This weekend we got some visitors!! YAY!! No one has come to visit since Halloween and I love having house guests. Friday night the Harris's came and an hour or so later the Summer's and Amberly showed up too! It was late by the time they all got here so we just sat around and chatted and caught up on what's been going on. Rich put himself to bed early, but we stayed up til about 2am.

Saturday Alexa had to work from 10-2pm so Jason and Steve dropped her off and the went to a "guy store" in Payson. I made German pancakes for breakfast. We got an early start because Harper and Nixon both woke up pretty early! Me, Amy, Melissa, Steve and Alex went to visit Alexa at work for a bit and then got Taco Bell for lunch and ate it at our house! We were trying to think of something to do, we played Nertz and ate treats and then just sat around talking about what we could do. With two little ones the choices are more limited and we could not really come up with anything that everyone could do. Finally The Summer's just couldn't take it anymore and they decided to leave. Later, we all went to the food court at the mall for dinner and rented The Skulls. We didn't start it til 12:30am (and we had to rip Rich out of bed so he would watch it with us). The plan was to just fall asleep during it and finish it after church but NO ONE fell asleep (not even Amy, which is a shock)!!!

We had Stake Conference at 10am and we were a little late but not too bad. After church we all just snacked on pigs in a blanket and lil' smokies in BBQ sauce. We played Scattegories and Apples to Apples (while Rich took a nap). Then we cooked up the pizza's and watched the Super Bowl. The Harris's left after half time.

We didn't really do anything fun, but it is always great to have family around and I miss them already!! Thanks for coming...and come again SOON!!

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