Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Shouldn't be Allowed to be Pregnant!!!

A few Saturdays ago I got up to take Alexa to work. I literally got out of bed put in my contacts, put on my slipper boots and left the house. After I dropped her off I thought I would be nice and grab the boys a donut for breakfast. I ran into Fresh Market grabbed what I needed and headed back out to the car. It was locked and I had NO KEYS!! They were hanging in the ignition!! A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!
Luckily I had my phone in the pocket of my gray sweatsuit (no bra) so I called Rich hoping he was back from his run...no luck. I called the home phone and his cell phone. I sat on the bench inside the store and played on my phone waiting for him to answer. I was there for probably about 25 or 30 minutes before he finally picked up. He got in his car and came to my rescue!!

Well today, similar story, only this time Rich was at work in Orem and my phone was locked in the car with my keys!! I ran to the gas station before work for a drink and did it again!! I decided to walk up to Stephanie's house because I knew she would most likely be there (she just had surgery on her foot) and thought Jeff would probably be home too. It was a windy morning and I had on heels so that was great!! It is about 6 blocks to her house and with the wind it was pretty chilly. I finally got there and she was home (in the bath) but Jeff was in Salt Lake. I called Rich to see if he could call Carrie to come take me home. I don't know any one's phone numbers they are just all in my phone!
When I got to Steph's house there was a man on his roof across the street talking to someone but I didn't really pay attention. When Carrie got there she said the man was stuck on his roof, I guess he was probably trying to talk to me and I totally ignored him!! OOPS! The wind had blown his ladder over and he couldn't get off the roof so Carrie had to come to his rescue too, he had been up there for an hour!!! She took me home to get my spare set of work keys and then she dropped me off at work.

I am going to make some spare keys and maybe wear one on a necklace or sew a secret pouch in my bra for it!! This is getting ridiculous!!
Thanks Carrie for saving the day!!! I owe you one!!

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