Thursday, February 3, 2011

Alexa Chose...

ME!! YAY, I woke up and Lenny was on the floor by my bed!! I can't wait to get spoiled today!!!

I got a text from Alexa saying "come pick me up so I can take you to lunch." Well, a girl after my own heart (I love when you can do something special for someone and also benefit from it too!! Oh my, that sounded really selfish but I am not taking it back because it is true)!!

I picked her up and then we went to Subway, her treat!! It was yummy (minus her pizza supreme Doritos...she was way excited to eat them but they were NOT GOOD)! I took her back to school and went back to work.

She also made me this lovely picture...she claims that she can only draw pickles!! What a funny girl.

Now it is my turn to put Lenny in someones room!!! Who to Choose, who to choose???

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