Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's a...


Rich is ECSTATIC!!! I will get used to the idea and I am sure she will be a wonderful bundle of joy!! Let's just hope she is like Alexa and not like me!!
Me, Rich and Max went back to Dr. Andrew to see if he could tell us what we are having. Max told me he really wanted to see the baby inside my belly so I thought he would be really excited. He was playing my iPod touch while we were waiting and he was glued. I kept telling him to come an look at the baby but he wasn't that interested, I guess I can't blame him he probably had NO IDEA what he was actually looking at!!

The pictures aren't the best but he did get a good view "down there" and there was nothing to be seen so we are pretty sure it is a girl, plus we all KNEW it was going to be anyway!!!

When we got home Max said, "So mom, are there two babies in your belly then?" I was confused with the question so I asked him why he thought that. He said "I heard the Dr say there was a girl in there but I want a brother." I guess it was just wishful thinking!! Later that day he told me it is good it's a girl since there is just me and Alexa. I know he will be a great big brother to her, hopefully he won't be too rough.

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