Saturday, February 19, 2011

Harper's "SWEET" Birthday Party

Today Miss Harper turned "1" and we were all ready to party!! The party was big, both sides of the family came and we ate pizza, it was yummy!! Melissa had the basement decorated so cute, she went all out!!
So much CANDY!!!
She made these cute jars for everyone to fill up with their favorites!!
Not only was there candy but cupcakes, rolo cookies, homemade carmels and divinity!! Melissa went a little crazy with all the sweets but that was kind of the idea and it was darling!!! Harper was loving eating her cookie all by herself without mom breaking it into pieces!!
The Aggie game was on so we lost most of the men. We all sat around and chatted and ate treats.

Then it was time for Harper to eat her huge cupcake!!!
She wasn't sure what to think at first so she just kept touching it with her finger and then smiling.
She got a little braver and went in with her whole hand but she didn't really put it in her mouth, she was just playing.
Steve helped her taste it and then she got a little more aggressive but not quite aggressive enough for Melissa. She kept telling Steve to shove her face in it. What a mean mom!! Just kidding I was all for it too but Steve was not about to do that to his sweet little girl, what a nice daddy!!
After about 10 minutes she was done and just wanted to be held...but she was a mess. Natalie (Steve's sister) couldn't just let her cry so she grabbed her and ended up with frosting in her hair and all over her clothes.
After she got cleaned up it was time to open presents but she wasn't really in the mood so all the kids helped her out. She hasn't been feeling too good for the last couple days and I think she was sick of all the attention!!
We all had a really fun time and stayed really late!!

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Melissa said...

You got such cute pictures! I'm probably going to steal them! I'm glad you could come!