Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

What a FUN day!! I went to work but left early so I could go and help with Alex's Valentine's party in the afternoon. They frosted sugar cookies, played pictionary, played "minute-to-win-it" and made a cute valentine heart "ipod."
I forgot to take my camera in with me but I was in charge of helping the kids make these cute ipod's. Another mom put everything together so my job was easy. They turned out really cute. I like to go into Alex's class, it is great to be a part of the fun activities they have!
We got MAIL!! My mom sent us a package and the kids were so excited to open it up! There was a bag of treats for everyone and a card with $20 to go buy some dinner (which we did). Then there were 3 wrapped presents. One had Max's name and the other two didn't have names.
Alexa opened this shower massager (which I think was for me and Rich). She looks a bit confused, right??
Alex opened Glee for the Wii (nice rhyme) and that I am sure is for him and Alexa, they were both totally thrilled and couldn't wait to start playing!!
Max got a transformer and was totally excited!! He is pretty easy to please! Getting gifts in the mail is THE BEST!! Thanks Mom and Dad!!

Then we gave the kids and each other gifts.
I got Rich 2 shirts and some treats and a subscription to a new running magazine.
Rich got me my favorite flower...tulips, and a beautiful necklace.
My very favorite part of the gift was the card!! What a sweetheart!!!
Alexa got 2 shirts and some red sandals and treats. She was happy!
Alex got Epic Mickey for the Wii, he has been wanting it for a while and was really excited!!
Max got a Power Rangers Robot that "transforms" you can have 5 little animal guys to play with or put them all together to make one big guy!! He LOVED it and played with it all night long.

We went to dinner at The Pizza Factory (thanks again mom and dad), we were planning on going there anyway but it was nice to have most of it paid for!! The bread twists are "to die for" but the pasta was pretty yucky. We didn't have to wait very long so that was good. It's fun to go out with the whole family!

When we got back I made everyone pose for some photos!
Man, good thing I am pregnant and not just FAT, I look HUGE in this picture!!
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Then the kids had a little photoshoot with the balloons, turned out pretty cute!!

I had a fabulous day and feel very loved!! I am thankful for all the people in my life who love me! We also got a visit from Jennifer and Creed (she gave me the coolest nail polish, don't worry I will blog about it once I use it) and the Pyne's came by to drop off some Valentine's. I never got around to delivering the rest of Max's Valentine's to his cousins...sorry guys, just know we love you all!!


Ace said...

Happy Valentines!!!

Love the card from Rich. So sweet! And BTW... I think you look adorable-- not at all fat, just super cute. Having said that I would never pose standing next to Alexa... ever. She is smokin'!

I love you Ang! You are one of the sweetest, nicest, most genuine people I know.

llq said...

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