Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lenny the LOVEBUG

Just as we were all getting ready for family prayer I heard something at the door. No one else heard it but Alex went to see who it was and there was a box sitting on our porch.

We opened it up and this is what we found...
There was a note enclosed and here is what it said...

Hello Family,

I am Lenny the LOVEBUG and I have chosen your home for my new experiment. There is something special about me that will make you want to be extra nice to everyone, especially your family members!!

Here is how it works:
I want the oldest person in the family (mom’s and dad’s included) to start the fun. They will pick a member of the family, and make their day “extra” special. The sky is the limit but I will give you some ideas about what you can do! Leave me in their room so they will know that it is “their” special day!!

*Make them breakfast
*Write them a note or draw them a picture
*Help them with their chores
*Play a game with them
*Help them clean their room
*Write them a poem
*Buy them a special gift

Like I said, the sky is the limit. I know you will think of the perfect ideas!! I will spend all day with whoever is chosen and then it is that persons turn to pass me along to the next person of their choosing.

There are some days when I might bring you all a special surprise and make you all feel very special. And watch out because Valentine’s Day is my Birthday and I like to spoil everyone on my special day!!!

I hope that you will give me a nice home for the next 2 weeks, one that is filled up with love and kindness!!!


P.S. If you are all really nice to me and each other, I might come back and visit every year for my Birthday!!!

Since Rich is the oldest...he gets to go first!! He gets to choose whoever he wants, I kept asking him who he was going to choose and he wouldn't tell me!!
I made him pose with "Lenny" and of course he made it harder than it needed to be and I warned him that the picture was going up (even if it was terrible, which it's not)!!

I can't wait to see if Lenny really does have "magical" powers and if our home will be more loving for the next few weeks!! I will keep you posted!!!

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Jennifer said...

What a fun thing! Lenny chose a great home to go to!