Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Max Picked...

His Daddy!!!

Rich was the first one to give Lenny and the last one to receive. Max got him some bananas and his favorite magazine Runners World.

It has been fun having Lenny in our house, I think we get caught up in buying things as a way of showing love (and I am not saying I don't like gifts because of course I do), but I think we have gotten away from just doing something nice for someone or giving compliments etc. I was hoping that Lenny would inspire us to just show love the old fashioned way. I guess that is just the way of the world these days, buying a gift for someone = love. I need to work on this myself as it is usually easier to just buy someone something, because doing something for someone takes more effort.

OK I am done rambling...just some thoughts I was having and needed to get them out. I am going to try harder to show love through simple acts of kindness!!!

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