Sunday, October 17, 2010

Logan Party

Rich, Alexa and I arrived at 5pm. Alex and Max were both happy to see us (mainly because I told them if they were both really good while we were gone I would buy them a surprise). In fact that was the first thing Max said to me. "Mom, I was a really, really good boy, where is my surprise?" I missed them both but I am so glad that they were able to stay with my family in Logan and have so much fun with them!!

Alexa ordered homemade fettucini alfredo and breadsticks so that is what we had for dinner!! It was delish (the sauce was a bit runny but tasted really good). We missed the Summer's family and Dave but everyone else was there.

After dinner it was party time!!!
This cute shirt is from the Harris's along with some denim jeggings.
Monica found these shoes in Salt Lake and they totally scream ALEXA!! She loved them!
She got this new game for the Wii and some other cute outfits, a book and 2 iTunes giftcards, that is all I can remember but I am sure I am missing something.
For dessert we had homemade asphalt pie and it was scrumptious!! We hung out for a while and the Summer's came after the party so we visited with them for a bit. We left after 9pm so we got home really late but it was a good day!!

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