Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Party #1

Tonight we had most of Rich's family here for a Halloween Party and Spook Alley. We ate soup and rolls and jello jigglers and "mummy dogs" and had a great time. We missed everyone that couldn't come or should I say that everyone that couldn't come MISSED OUT on a FUN night. Even though Rich was totally uptight and grumpy (he ate his soup hunched over the counter with his back to everyone) we all managed to have a good time, ok except for Rich.
Kynli the Ladybug, Adelie the Witch and Whytli the Hippie
I was a mouse
And no party is complete without a Mrs. Potts. This costume was the hit of the night!!

I didn't get very many photos but McKell and I were the only adults dressed up so I don't feel too bad. Oh yes everyone had their excuses but I for one did not buy any of them!!

Alex has been talking about doing a haunted house or spook alley for the last few years. I gave him the OK but I told him that I wasn't helping him at all, that means he has to set it up and take it down all by himself. I know that sounds really mean but I thought that would make him change his mind because it sounded like a nightmare to me. He of course said fine and he started setting up the spook alley in the garage. He had alot of help from friends I have never seen.
After we ate the kids were all anxious to go through the spook alley.
But first, they had to read the rules!!! I thought this was pretty funny!
The spook alley was a big hit and I am very impressed with Alex and his determination. It was alot of hard work for him and I know that I will have to help him with the cleanup but it was worth it!
Alexa stayed for a while and then she had a party to go to.
I am so grateful for family and creating memories. I hope Rich can warm up to the idea that this is what is important, not worrying about if something gets spilled or broken and having a messy house for a few hours! I love you so much Rich but you have to relax and remember what is most important!!!

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