Friday, October 1, 2010

Annual Girls Night

I checked the kids out of school a little early and we headed up to Logan. Rich decided to stay home by himself for the weekend. I had to make some stops on the way for pumpkin spice donuts from Krispy Kreme and pies from Marie Calendar's. We got to Logan about 4:30 and hung out for a bit.

All the men and kids got pizza and went to Clark's house to watch the Aggie game (Dave and Jake were at the game). USU vs. BYU on ESPN...guess who dominated??? AGGIES WIN!!! We watched some of it as we were enjoying our dinner.

OK back to the important stuff. All the men and kids were busy at Clark's so all us sisters piled into mom's van and headed to Maddox. It is our yearly tradition and it is still going strong!
We ate and it was delicious, we laughed really loudly (Amberly thought Melissa was drunk, she was laughing so loud and hard). We shared mom's free piece of raspberry cream birthday pie, then we discovered something new...PHOTO OP

Amy loved this couch and wanted to do a "serious" picture!

We were at the restaurant for way too long and completely wore out our welcome, but we had a great time and burned off most of our calories from dinner by laughing so hard!
We headed to Wal Mart, another tradition. We stayed there too long as well. We kind of separated and while I was off looking at something else I guess Amy and Melissa put on Halloween masks and chased my mom around the store. She is a fraidy cat and was running away from them while screaming. I am just waiting for Melissa to blog about it and then I will steal some of her pictures!! Melanie introduced us to a fun new game to play while at Wal Mart. You take something off the shelf or rack (something soft and un-breakable) and throw it at someone as hard as you can while yelling "JENGA" Amb was a big fan of this game and thought she was hilarious!

We got done at Wal Mart stopped at the gas station for drinks and headed to Sherwood Hills to check in. It was probably 11pm by the time we got there. We bought peach cream pie from Maddox and took it to go cause we were all full after dinner so we had our late night snack and watched some bad TV. There was nothing on so we ended up watching some old, lame movie with Mark Wahlberg called FEAR. It was terrible!! We finally hit the sack at about 3am.

We woke up at 9am and enjoyed our pumpkin spice donuts for breakfast. We turned on Conference and listened while we were getting ready for the day. We decided to go to a movie and so we hurried and got ready and only had time for 1 fireplace picture before we left.
Usually we sit around in the lobby for a long time and give mom her birthday gifts but since her birthday isn't until next week we didn't do that this year.
We saw "You Again" in Providence and it was a cute movie! We went to old Navy and then headed up to mom's to see our children. Dad took Alex and Max on a hike to "Castle Rock" while Alexa stayed behind and showered. Then they all went to the Halloween store and then to the Clark's again.

We had a great time on our overnighter and I am so glad that my dad was nice enough to take care of my kiddos for me!!!

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Lindsay said...

You are so cute!! Love all the fun things you do with your family. It's so great! Wondering if I will see you again this Black Friday!! Hope all is well...