Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Party #2

Tonight my whole family (except Dave) came to our house for a party!!! Mel usually hosts this party and she is a great hostess so I felt alot of pressure!! I made pumpkin cookies, seven layer dip, mummy dogs, jello jigglers and bought some pumpkin pizza's from Papa Murphy's. Annette and Mandi came too but we missed Ry and his family and Brandon and the Baldwin's.

I told everyone 5:00pm thinking that everyone would be late...they weren't and I was in the shower when everyone arrived (it took alot longer to get everything ready than I had planned).
After taking a bunch of crap from his family for the way he acted at the first party, he decided to get into the spirit of the party and asked McKell if he could borrow her costume. Everyone thought it was such a great costume and I am glad he was able to relax and have some fun this time!!
Harrison and Parker missed the first party so they decided to stay at our house while the rest of their family went to Jeff's parents house. We are always glad to have them!!

We ate upstairs and we all got really full, so full that no one really even touched the yummy desserts.
Annette made these cute peanut butter/white chocolate ghosts, my mom made a texas cake graveyard and I made the pumpkin cookies with maple frosting.

We took the party downstairs and played witch hat ring toss in the dark with glow sticks. The kids had fun doing that. We had a group picture that my neighbor took (I didn't get one on my camera so hopefully I can steal one from one of my sisters). Then we had a "costume fashion show."
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We all stood in two rows facing each other and everyone took a turn walking down the cat walk. Well I don't think Brinlie did but everyone else did!! It was a great idea, everyone loved it!!

Then some of the kids wanted to go Trick-or-Treating so they left and did that for a while, some of us went on a drink run and others played Just Dance 2 on the Wii. Melissa was taking pictures of this and hopefully she will post them mom and Annette had a blast dancing, so did Harrison (I missed it and so he is going to have to do it again for me sometime). It is a great time and really fun for parties!! The two former Hi-Lo's faced off (me and Melissa) and I kicked her trash!!! I have had more practice so it wasn't completely fair, we will have to have a re-match one of these days!!
Here is Max with all his treats! He had a really fun time going around to all the houses saying Trick-or-Treat.

No one stayed overnight with us. They all left around 11pm to head for home, maybe it was later than that. We had a great night and I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves.

This is what happens when you leave your camera unattended in my family...
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sorry guys, but if you are gonna do stuff like this it is gonna get posted!!!

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Melissa said...

Love the post! The party was a total blast! You were a great hostess. I've totally been craving Just Dance 2. I need to come play it again!