Saturday, October 30, 2010

Highway to Hale 10k

W.O.W. terrible pictures below...
Pre-race shot, Rich and I participated in this race so that Rich could win us season tickets again for Hale Center Theater. We have really enjoyed going to all the productions this year.
Post-race, my face is red and I am keeping my mouth shut about whatever it is Rich is doing! I haven't been running since our last race (at the first of September) geez, what is wrong with me, I am getting lazy!!
Rich came in 10th overall and 4th in his age (it is a small race so the age categories are 10 yrs instead of the usual 5). No season tickets for us, good thing he has one more chance in January.
I am happy to report that even with the lack of training I finished in 1 hour 3 minutes, and there were lots of hills. I totally impressed myself.

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