Monday, October 18, 2010

Fifteen Years OLD!

Today my oldest child, Alexa turned "15" and I am not sure how that happened. How can it be that 15 years have gone by so quickly?? I knew this was coming and everything but did not expect it to get here so fast. I think this marks the end of "life as I know it." Alexa is very anxious about getting some pamphlet from the DMV and taking some test to get her DRIVING PERMIT!!! Yes, that's right people...driving at 15 (with a parent of course, but still) man have things changed!! I am not sure I am going to survive this!!

Enough of that, here is what her birthday consisted of:

Rich woke up early and headed to the gas station to buy her favorite donut. She went to school and some of her 10th grade buddies brought her balloons and a bag of Kit Kat's and yelled happy birthday really loud and embarrassed her!!
I took this photo after school, the flowers arrived at school as well and she has no idea who they are from...
I texted Rich to see if maybe he sent them (because it seems like something he would do) but it wasn't him. She really has no idea who it was and it drove her crazy!! So if by chance the sender of the flowers reads my blog, she really loved them and would love to properly thank you for them herself!!

I got her favorite lunch and took it to her at school, Sonic onion rings and an orange cream slush. I also wanted to buy her balloons to embarrass her but ran out of time so I was glad to see the girl inside Sonic blowing up balloons and asked if I could have a few!!!
She met me out in the parking lot and I tied them on her wrist and told her she had to wear them all day!

The kids did their homework after school and Alexa had a great time using her iTunes gift cards buying new music for her iPod. We went to Provo to check out a place that has colored contacts. She has been asking me for them for a few weeks and I checked 2 places and had no luck. Well, she finally found some and so I bought them for her, more on that later.

Rich met us at Training Table for dinner. That was Alexa's pick, which I thought was a pretty strange request since it is not a place we go to that often but she was really craving cheese fries!
There were not many people there and after I took these pictures Alexa and Alex went wild with the camera!
This is the only "cute one." The rest are just completely crazy!
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The sad thing is, this isn't even all of them.
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I put Max in the middle of all these crazy "Alex" pictures because Max really wanted no part in the picture taking at all!

We finally left and made a quick stop at Sub Zero for dessert. We brought it home to eat since we were all still full from dinner. It was getting late so we brought out the presents!!!
Alex made this card for Alexa at school...I love it!!!
Alexa has been wanting NIKE high tops for a long time now. I came across these at Ross and wasn't sure if they were the "right ones" but she LOVED them and I was so glad!!!
The big gift of the night was these babies...
tickets to "So You Think You Can Dance" tour. She had mentioned lots of times that she really wanted to go to this and I have wanted to go as well. Thank goodness that treadmill I won back in the spring sold (yes, I got $275 for a free treadmill) so I was able to really surprise her with these tickets. The show is in November and you know I will post about it so stay tuned!!

The night ended with Alexa trying on her new colored contacts.
She bought aquamarine but because her eyes are so dark they weren't as noticeable as she thought they would be and was a little disappointed. I tried asking the girl at the store about that before we bought them but she "no speak english" and did not understand what I was saying!!

I am so lucky to have Alexa for a daughter and she is a wonderful big sister!! I hope she had a very memorable 15th birthday!!!

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