Friday, September 4, 2009

Map Project

It has been a while but if I remember correctly 4th grade is FULL of PROJECTS! I am not one of those mom's that enjoys doing projects for school. I remember helping/doing Alexa's projects and I am sort of dreading the up-coming year.
I told Alex that he needed to decide what he wanted to do and then I would get him all the stuff but HE had to actually DO the project. It is lucky for me that Alex is great at projects and loves doing them!
They had to make a map of Utah with all the mountain ranges and lakes and rivers and deserts. He told me what he had in mind and we headed to Dollar Tree to get our supplies. He is a creative kid and had no problem pulling this baby together with minimal help from me. I went to his class to see all the finished projects, I guess I don't have to be too worried about school projects with Alex!!


Melissa said...

He is a good boy! It's a good thing he loves projects. He did a good job!

The Shirley Family said...

Hey Ang, It's been a while how are you? Well I am just catching up on your blog. I can't believe that picture of that tarantula. Tim would be so scared. He hates spiders. I am going to have to show him the picture. Also the pine wood derby has come along way since my brothers were in scouts. And Alex's project turned out great. Okay sorry for the long comment. Well we need to get together again sometime soon.

David and Carrie Swenson said...

Alex is such a doll! I love his map. he is pretty dang creative!