Saturday, September 12, 2009

Harvest Moon Harrah

We all headed down to the city park for the annual Harvest Moon Festival. It has been going on for a few years and it is a fun time. This year they had some different activities that were fun.
Alex loves to do "crafty" things and so he was all over this project. They had 2 big boards set up and divided into squares that were numbered. The kids picked a square and then painted their piece of the picture. Alex really enjoyed doing this and spent alot of time trying to get it just right.
Max made a leaf hat that was so cute...he didn't really want to wear it but I made him put it on for a picture and he was not too happy about it. I think his face is SO SWEET!!
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We met some of Rich's family there and so we all hung out together.
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We even went on a hayride. The kids had a really good time and there were food vendors there too so we all ate dinner at the park. I had a Navajo Taco that was super delicious and Rich really loved the sandwich he got (liked it so much he had 2)!!!

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