Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 3

The day was beautiful and so we were off to hit the strip and see what sort of fun we could have!!
I love this picture of Max. He was the only one who would pose for me!!

Alex was dying to go on the "New York, New York" roller coaster so that was our first stop. We learned a new trick from Jeff about valet parking and that made getting in and out of the hotels really easy. We had to wait about 15 minutes for the roller coaster to open. Jeff, Alex, Parker and Harrison were all in line so the rest of us were just hanging around the arcade games. few minutes later they came and found us and Alex was crying. He wasn't quite tall enough for the ride and they made him take off his shoes to measure...WHAT, I have never heard of that before...luck was not on our side this trip!!! So after trying to console him by telling him that we could go to Circus Circus we hung out in the arcade for a bit and played some games!
Alexa played Dance Dance Revolution. She is really good at it and it is fun to watch her.
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Max had SO MUCH FUN playing Ski ball. I loved watching him play, he got so excited every time he rolled the ball up there. He played several times and it was hard to convince him it was time to go.
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Here are some other random shots. Jeff and Parker shot basketballs and the kids played on the motorcycles. We all had a pretty good time, even Alex smiled a little bit, he was still really disappointed!

We decided to go to Circus Circus and bought the kids an "all day" ride pass. That wasn't part of the plan but nothing was going according to plan so we just rolled with the punches (so to speak).
Alex LOVES this ride and he was so happy!!! The bigger kids kind of took off with Jeff and they were gone for a while so I didn't get many pictures of them.
I did make Alexa pose with Spongebob and she wasn't that excited about it. She followed a boy around and went on a ride with him. It was cute!!
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Max and Pieper had a great time going on rides together. Me, Rich and Steph just found a bench to sit on and they would get off the ride and run to get back in line for the same ride over and over!!!
We were there for several hours and all the kids had a good time. We were all hungry so we left and headed out to Olive Garden for an early dinner.
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It was delicious as always!!!
The whole reason for this trip was because Jeff had tickets to a truck race. After lunch all the boys piled into the rental car and headed for the race. All the girls went shopping!!! It was fun but we didn't have a ton of luck. We did find a few fun things. We shopped for a few hours and headed back to the condo to wait for the boys to get back. They got back pretty late but they had a lot of fun!! Max really liked it and Rich bought Alex and Max race cars that they thought were pretty awesome!!

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