Saturday, September 19, 2009

Being Productive...FINALLY

Over time I ran out of places to put my jewelry and it just started piling up on this table in my bedroom. I finally bought a jewelry armoire (that was on sale at Walmart for $50) but that was back in February...yes I know that was 7 months ago...
it is projects like these that always tend to get overlooked because they seem sort of overwhelming. I decided today that I would try to "de-clutter" my room a little bit and this was the best place to start!!

It is a beautiful piece and I am so glad that I can now just hang up my necklaces and put my earrings inside here and be a little more organized. It really makes a big difference in my room!!!
It really didn't even take that long and I am SO GLAD that it is done but actually no one is happier than Rich because he has been asking me for months when I was going to get around to doing it!! Clutter pretty much drives him CRAZY so he has been very patient with me. I am going to get working on the rest of the "de-cluttering" projects soon!!!


The Duvall Family said...

Does Rich still leave yellow sticky notes everywhere...because if he does I would consider that clutter too:) I love your new armoire! I need to get something similar (or stop getting new jewelry)to organize my stuff.

Jen B. said...

Man, I bet it's so fun to pick out what you want to wear everyday!

That looks like A LOT of fun! Now I know your secret for always looking so good, and well put together~ :)

Melissa said...

I love the feeling after de-cluttering! It's the best! It looks good. I'm actually surprised all your jewelry fit.