Monday, September 7, 2009

Founders Day Race

This was definatly a weekend FULL OF PICTURES!!
We moved the party to the Clark's house since the race is in Wellsville. It was pretty late when we got there and so we all pretty much just got situated and hit the sack!
Amy and Jason and Nixon slept on the floor in the living room.
Max and Owen both fell asleep on the way out so we put them in the Piano room.
Amb was on Jake's bed and I am not really sure where Monica and Jake ended up.
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Alexa, Kenzie, Alex and Brooklyn went out to the tampoline. They were being CRAZY and wouldn't go to sleep!
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Mom and Dad had an air matress in the basement. I am not really sure what is going on here, I think my mom was trying to claw my dad's eyes out because he tried to give her a good night kiss!!! PRICELESS!
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Rich and I took the trailer out back by the loud mouths on the trampoline. This is what happens when Rich is really tired...not really, I have no explanation for this behavior actually.
I have no idea what time it was when we actually went to sleep but a few hours later I was jolted out of sleep by the firing of a cannon. I remember this from a few years ago when we slept out here before this race. Some really annoying people get on a four wheeler and drive throughout town blasting this cannon every few minutes! It got really close to us and it made me jump it was SO LOUD!!! Not the ideal way to be woken up at 6 o'clock in the may have been earlier than that!!!

Here are the 5k ers. Amy, Jason, Mel, Amb, Alexa, Kenzie, Alex and Brooklyn all ran the 5k.
Me, Rich, Monica and Jake went for the 10k.
I am not sure what everyone's times were, Amy finished her 5k right before Rich finished the 10k. He is SO FAST!!
He was the first one to finish the 10k in 37 minutes. 6 minute miles...he amazes me every race!!!
Amy and Jason happy to be done running!!
Kenzie, Alex and Alexa just before they crossed the finish line. Brooklyn is right behind them with her yellow jacket tied around her waist.
It was her first race ever and 3 miles is long for a 6 year old, we were all really proud of her!
They all stuck together and were glad when it was over!
Here is Mel dragging Amb over the finish line. She always gets stuck with Amb unless Mandi runs the race with us. Mel is a good sport, they finished just before Monica and Jake.
Here is Monica almost done! Not sure what happened to Jake...he must have wasted her at the finish line. They ran together the whole way. I was right behind them most the race but then the last 2 miles or so I lost them and never caught back up!
I finished in 1 hour 8 minutes. I was hoping to get in under 1:05 but oh well. I felt really good and thought I was going at a pretty good pace but I guess that means I will just have to keep practicing!
Dad took care of Max and all the photography while we were running!! He is such a great cheerleader!
One last pose from the girls!
Here is Rich with his blue ribbon and $25 gift card to Al's Sporting Goods.

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