Sunday, September 27, 2009

Heading Home

This morning we got up and had breakfast and the Duvall's were ready to get home so they took off. We weren't in that big of a hurry so we hung out a bit and Sule and Kalysa who happened to be in Vegas for a wedding came by for a quick visit!
We checked out of the condo and went back to the strip one last time. Alex loves Caesar's Palace and so we stopped there to watch the show thing and look at the aquarium.
Max was afraid of the talking statues and the fire but he LOVED all the fish...and one in particular LOVED HIM!!!

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This giant string ray swam past Max a few times and then he decided to stay for a while. It was so funny. He would just slide up and down by where Max was standing and he stayed there for like 15 minutes. We had a huge group of people standing around us watching. Max had a great time watching all the fish swim by.

We stopped in St. George for lunch at In-N-Out and got home around 6pm. We have to take the rental car back to Provo tomorrow. Now we have to decide if we want to re-build our engine ($2000) or get a brand new engine ($3500) or just get a whole new car!!!

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