Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Long Beach

I flew out today for a work Conference in Long Beach, CA. Rich and Max drove me to the airport. My flight left at 4:30pm. It was a really small plane and we had to go outside on the tarmac to get inside of it. I have never had to do that before. I sat by my boss Jerri and we chatted for a while and then I read for a bit too. It was a good flight.
We landed at the Long Beach airport which is basically just one building and it was tiny. The baggage claim was outside...it was really different from SL airport. We all got a shuttle to our hotel and got checked in.
One of the first things I did once I got to my room was snap some self portraits. The room was really nice!!
We all met up for dinner and walked across the street to Rock Bottom, I had the best steak I think I have ever had. It was SO GOOD. It was not cheap though so I was really glad that the company was picking up the tab.
It was a pretty late dinner and so when we were done we just headed back to the hotel to get some sleep.

The classes started at 9am but there was a trade show and breakfast at 8am so I headed down to the conference room for breakfast. It was nice that the conference was right at the hotel. Breakfast was good and then we had a keynote speaker that was excellent. Last year in Reno I had to take a CPO test so I was in the same class all conference. This year I could pick what classes I wanted to go to and it was a lot more fun!
We had lunch at Rock Bottom again and I had a really yummy salad. Then a few of us (including my boss) skipped out on the afternoon classes and headed down to the water.
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We took a sightseeing boat around the harbor and had alot of fun. It was such great weather we couldn't be stuck in classes all day!!! We walked around a bit to try to find a nice place for the owner to take us out to dinner.
Me and Jerri posing in front of the dolphin statue. Long Beach is a really pretty place.
That night there was a dinner for everyone at the hotel and the food was really good there too. They did some awards and stuff that was pretty boring so I went back to my room early. One of the ladies wanted to go swimming so I went with her. It was fun. The pool was perfect and we sat in the hot tub til it closed.
I got back to my room and decided to take a nice warm bath so I ran to 7-11 (it was just on the corner) to get a drink and I read in the tub for about an hour and a half. It was great. I never take baths!!

The next day of the conference was ok. The keynote speakers were all great but the classes themselves were pretty boring. I found out there were some stores up the street from the hotel so for lunch I just got Subway and walked up to check it out. There was a WalMart and Ross and other little shops. I had a great time and found a few things. Then I headed back for the rest of the classes.

That night Phil (the owner) took us all to this really fancy place called "Parkers' Lighthouse. It was right on the water and the view was beautiful. I had to take a picture of my dinner because it was so good!!! Another delicious steak over asparagus...yummy!!! After dinner we did a little browsing at some little shops that were there and I bought the kids some souvenirs.
It was still a little early to go to bed so I decided to walk down the street (by myself) while I was talking to Rich on the phone. The weather was so perfect the whole time. I came across a "Pinkberry" so I decided to get some...it was so delicious. I feel like I have eaten so much on this trip and such good food!!

Friday was our last day of classes and it was just half day. Me and some other ladies really wanted to find the mall so we ditched class and took the bus to the mall and had a great time. I got Alexa's birthday shopping pretty much done!! We had a fun day and then we headed back to catch our shuttle to the airport.

Rich and Max picked me up from the airport. Joseph came home from Basic Training the same day but his flight was about 2 hours ahead of mine and he was surprising McKell (she thought he was coming back on Sunday) so Rich and Max and some of family went to the airport to see him but they all left before I got in so it was just Rich and Max.
Max was happy to see me and I had missed him a lot. It was a pretty fun trip and TONS better than last year!! Next year we will be in Denver!!

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