Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to: ME!!!

I woke up this morning to notes from the kids and Stephanie brought me yummy maple bars!!
I chuckled a little when I read Alex's note...I mean I knew I had some good lovin' going on, but "the best?" He cracks me up!!!
That was the perfect way to start my day!!

Rich arranged for all his sisters to meet at his mom's house for lunch. He bought everyone pizza and we ate outside. He even bought me a cake!! It was very nice of him and I was glad that his sisters could all come to help me celebrate. I opened gifts from them and they spoiled me as usual!!!

After work we headed up to Bountiful to meet my family at...
yes that is has become quite a tradition and one that I hope sticks!! Most of my family was able to make it (minus a few bro-in-laws, we missed you)!! Dinner was yummy as usual and we stayed for several hours as usual!!

Then we headed outside to open gifts!!!
we missed Brooklyn's birthday so she opened her present from us first!
My parents missed Rich's so he opened some gifts too!!!
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It wasn't the best place to have a party...people had to sit on the ground but I think it worked out ok. The little boys had fun running around and Jason was a good sport and kept his eye on them!!
A birthday kiss from Max!!!

You know we had a photo shoot!!!
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We took a great shot with just the "Oliver" girls.
Then people felt left out so some of the kids jumped in. They never like to get left out of photo shoots!!!
Jason felt really left out since he was the photographer and so he left me this awesome picture on my camera!

I had a fantastic birthday and I felt so loved and special!! Thanks again to everyone who made my day PERFECT!!!

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