Friday, January 23, 2009

Utah Flash Game

Late last night my Mom, Dad, Amy, Jason and Amberly came to our house. They are heading to Las Vegas for the Donny and Marie Osmund concert and they are leaving Amberly with us for the weekend. She came to work with me and we went to lunch and ran some errands.
Whenever Amberly is at my house I always like to try and do something fun with her. We decided to check out a Utah Flash game. We have never been but we like watching basketball games so we went to Arby's for dinner and headed to Orem. Alexa was hanging out with friends so it was me, Amb, Rich, Max, Alex and his friend Carson.
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There weren't a ton of people there so we had great seats. It was a really fast paced, energetic game, I was pretty impressed. They would throw out t-shirts during time-outs etc. and that is when I started to get worried that Amberly might start complaining. She loves free t-shirts even more than me (bet you didn't think that was possible). She feels like if she goes to an event she needs to leave with something, and so the pestering began. "Ang, can we go look and see how much the hats cost?" "Ang, do you think they are going to throw a shirt over here?" Ang, at halftime can we go check out the store?" And so on and so on. I had to go to the bathroom and she decided to come with me. I noticed that the guy throwing out the shirts was just standing behind the hoop and that if she went down to court she could just ask him for one. I sent her down, there were a few cheerleaders there and I figured they would take pity on the cute "special needs" girl. They did, and it was Casey from the Channel 2 morning show that gave her the shirt...too bad I didn't take my camera to the bathroom. She asked me if we could go back to get a picture with him but we never did. She put her new shirt on immediately (you can see in the picture), and was happy the rest of the game.

The Flash won and the Fox was silly stringing everyone. Alex went over to him and got nailed. He got me too, Max wanted to give him "five" but instead he just grabbed him and threw him on his shoulder. It was a fun night topped off with a trip to Krispy Kreme for a hot, fresh glazed donut!!!

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