Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Spiders

Today was Alex's first basketball game (well not the first, he missed last week's game). He didn't want to play but I made him. He is catching on pretty well. He has played "little hoopsters" the past few years but now they actually play a game. He is learning and getting better and better. He made a basket and everything.
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We all went and watched his game. They wear a colored wrist band so they know who they are guarding. His team is really good. I know one day he will be glad that I "made" him play basketball and other sports. It is good for kids to get out there and learn to play and be good sports etc.


Melissa said...

I loved it when Alex asked you if you could "unsign" him from basketball. He is a cute boy!

Janean said...

I just saw your sisters comment. Unsign him? That is funny! I think he will be grateful for it one day too!

Amy said...

Alex is great! I will never forget his soccer playing days.

corrychronicles said...

Nathan is playing basketbal this year too. I think I enjoy watching them play just as much as they enjoy playing it.