Saturday, January 24, 2009

25 Random things about Rich...

1. I hate doing these kinds of things, but Angela insisted because she wants to get to know me better
2. I love Politics
3. I am a commited conservative Republican
4. I would love to run for political office someday
5. I like to flip back and forth between a basketball game, and Fox News
6. I love to run
7. I look forward to summer time so I can run in as many races as possible
8. I like having my real estate license, and showing houses to people even if I don't end up selling them a house.
9. I always look forward to weekends so Angela and I can go on a date
10. I think we have really good kids even though I get mad at them sometimes
11. I wish I had the money to take the whole family to Disneyland 2-3 times each year
12. The Tidlewave ride at Lagoon makes me sick
13. I like to sit and ponder upon life
14. I enjoy sitting on the toilet reading
15. I love when Angela tickles my back with her fake finger nails
16. I have a great wife named Angela
17. I sometimes don't have much patience
18. I wish I lived in a place that was warm all year round
19. Affection is not always easy for me to show
20. My favorite movie is "A Few Good Men"
21. My favorite holiday is Christmas
22. My favorite time of year is Summer
23. I want to go to Hawaii on vacation
24. I have a great family
25. Lastly, I have great in laws as well


Amy said...

i was really hoping to be named in this list, so i guess number 25 will suffice. it's great to learn more about you, except i think i already knew all that stuff. well there are a few that were fun tid bits to learn i LOVE a few good men. i used to have most of the movie memorized and would act out the scenes. good times!

Melissa said...

That was a fun post, and good to get to know you a little better. Angela should make you post more often!