Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Auto Show

We headed up to Sandy after Alex's game to check out the auto show. We have never been before and Rich loves cars and really wanted to go. I was pleasantly wasn't as boring as I thought it would be. We even got T-shirts from Ford so that made it for me.
They let you get inside the cars and check them out...well not all the cars, you couldn't even touch the Bentley's they had them all roped off and I think the Porsche's were all locked but other than that we were able to climb in and imagine living the good life in a Hummer or an Acura (Rich is dying for one) or a Lexus (I have wanted one since I was 16).
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The boys had a blast locking themselves in the trunks of all the cars. Alexa really didn't enjoy herself that much but she was a pretty good sport. Max liked being able to climb in and out of all the cars but he liked the "big trucks" the best!!

We were there for a few hours and Rich said next time he would rather go without the kids so he could pay more attention to the cars and not have to worry about chasing kids around but they were all pretty good!!!

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