Friday, January 30, 2009

Party and Friday Fun!!

The reason Melissa and Steve are here is because Alexa wanted to have a Lia Sophia party. Melissa sells it and I guess they had it all figured out. She invited her friends and I invited mine too. It was an Open House from 7 to 8:30pm. Alexa also made some cute new flower clips so she wanted to sell those too.
We had a pretty good turnout of people but they all just bought flower clips and NO jewelry. I felt really bad that she came all this way to do a party and didn't even sell anything (well we had 2 people order but they had gift certificates so it didn't count). I guess it was a good way to get her down here for the weekend though at least. Alexa ended up making some pretty good money on her flowers so she ended up just buying some jewelry from Melissa.
Friday morning I went to work and Rich went to help his Grandpa and Grandma's house (he has been doing that for a few weeks. He goes over there in the morning and helps get breakfast or helps his grandpa shave or whatever they need), then he went to the temple to see if he should accept a job offer that would require a lot of time away from his family and also working several Sunday's.
I had Max at work with me and Melissa and Steve met Amy and Owen at IKEA. After they were done shopping me and Max and Brandon met them at Zuppa's in Provo for a late lunch. If you haven't been there, go, it was so yummy and not too expensive either. We had a great time and sat there talking for hours. I mean we were there for like 2 1/2 hours I think. We said good-bye to Brandon and then headed back to my house. We sat around talking some more and Rich made us toast with the delicious bread Jennifer made us. We also had a "good laugh" looking at all my old pictures and playing Nertz (a card game that I love)!!
We watched "The Rocker" well at least I did. Amy had to take Owen on a drive so he would fall asleep and by the time she got back everyone was asleep but me so we watched the end together, it was a pretty dumb movie. I love it when we have company and I am so glad we have places for them to sleep!!!

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Amy said...

owen and i had a great time. owen keeps calling max on the phone, it's cute. jennifer's bread was delicious and i would love for her to make me some more!