Friday, January 16, 2009

5 kids this week

I just wanted to give a quick update on our week with 5 kids. Rich is so great and he was running around a ton this week getting Parker and Harrison to school and picking them up and going to scouts with all the boys and then taking Harrison and Parker to their scouts too so they wouldn't miss the Pine Wood Derby. He is such a great dad and he is so helpful and I just wanted to make sure and tell him how much I love him and how thankful I am for him and all he does for me!!

We had a good week and the kids all got along pretty well for the most part. I found that Alex and Parker's personalities clash a little bit and Alex has acquired this need to put in his 2 cents every time someone has something to say (especially Parker) but it is really a bad habit and is getting out of control so I am working with him to fix that.

We did have a little trouble with the air mattress that the boys slept on while they were here. We told them not to jump on it etc. and Rich even put it away in the storage room during the day so that is wouldn't get a hole in it. Well the temptation was too great and all the boys were downstairs playing football and they got out the air mattress and needless to say it got a hole in it. They came upstairs and we knew something was of them finally told us what happened and then they were feeling bad and said they would buy us a new one. It was cute and it made it hard to be mad at them. I remember being that age and sometimes you just can't resist certain things that you have been told not to do. When we were little my sisters and I would get out sleeping bags and slide down the stairs and we were told so many times not to do it by our parents but we still did it when they weren't home!!!

Friday there was no school but I still had to work so Rich had the kids all day (except Alexa who was with Paige). We met at McDonald's for lunch and then he took them to the movie "Hotel for Dogs." They all liked the movie. Alexa had a "Rock Band" party at our house with her friends and we got pizza and they hung out til 11pm. Alex and Parker had a great time following them around and bugging them, Alexa wasn't too happy about that. Harrison just kind of did his own thing and watched "Eagle Eye." Rich was happy when everyone left. We hung out in the kitchen and watched TV.


Kim and Tyler said...

There has been many a times that Tyler and i have mentioned "what a good" guy Rich is! You really are blessed. He seems to be such a hands on dad

Janean said...

He is a great guy! You guys are both so patient!

Amy said...

That is a lot of kids. I liek Harrison and Parker.