Saturday, January 31, 2009

Big TroubleMakers

We went to the Mall and Target after lunch and I bought Max some Batman markers from the dollar spot. We came home and had dinner and I was making cookies and we were all just hanging out in the kitchen. Max was coloring pictures on paper for a while and then went to find Owen to play with him. Alexa heard a strange noise in the living room a while later and realized that the boys had been coloring all over the couch. Owen had the blue marker and Max had the green one.
We have microfiber couches and I have gotten fingernail polish out of them so I wasn't too worried about it. Amy was really upset with Owen and she made him help her clean up the couch. I tried to be as mad at Max but I couldn't. I guess since it was my couch etc. and if Max would have done that at someones elses house I would have been a lot more upset.

We all rushed to get wash cloths to get it cleaned off and then I thought "would this be an appropriate time to take pictures for the blog?" Melissa said it was so I went and got my camera. Owen felt bad and got in trouble. Max didn't really care too much but I told him that he would get in big trouble if it ever happened again.
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It came off pretty well and no permanent damage was done. I tried to make Amy feel better and Rich didn't even get that mad (I was kind of surprised). We should have been paying better attention to what they were doing. Sunday morning we discovered that they had polka-dotted the walls as well. It washed right off too thankfully. No more markers for Max!!!

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Amy said...

yep, the all day crying and then the couch, that was all i could take. we had a coloring on the couch episode at my house a few weeks ago, it's not as big a deal when it's your own..i just felt bad cause the pen took a long time to scrub off of my couch.