Friday, January 9, 2009

Kenzie's Birthday

Today is McKenzie's 12th birthday. We all went up for her party. The Clark's really know how to party and this was a great one!! We had the most delicious ham and soup and salads etc. We sat around talking and catching up. We are watching Harrison and Parker for a week and a half while Steph and Jeff are on a cruise so they came with us. Jake and Parker had a great time playing together.
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Kenzie got a lot of wonderful gifts and she is going to YW now. It is sad how fast kids grow up!! After the party we headed to my parents house to sleep. My dad LOVES watching movies with the grand kids so we watched "Wild America" it's an old one but so good!! We stayed up really late and in the morning at 8am my dad and the boys went back to Wellsville to watch Jake's basketball game!!
We went to Wendy's for lunch and played cards all day, Melissa got this new card game for Christmas called "Nertz" and it is really fun!!
We had dinner and then headed for home (I have to teach YW lesson). We had a great time but it was way too short!!

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