Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome Home

Since Jeff and Steph are going to be home tomorrow, I thought it would be fun to make them a "welcome home" sign. They were gone for a long time and their kids really missed them!!! My mom used to always make us signs for stuff and I remember it always made me feel special.
Alexa was in charge of the "welcome home" part and then I told all the kids to draw a picture or write a note on the sign. Parker and Alex got a little carried away and the sign ended up being a little bit obnoxious...but that is fitting right, 8 kids for 9 nine days can become pretty crazy!!!
I got some balloons from the dollar store because, who doesn't love balloons?? The kids were really excited about the sign and Adriana didn't want me to hang it up yet because she wanted to be there when her mom and dad saw it. We convinced her that it would be better for it to be all hung up and ready when they walked in the door!!!
I just had to take a picture of Max's contribution...I love the way he draws people!!!
The week went really smoothly and we didn't have any major meltdowns or problems!! But I have to say I will be glad to have Rich back home, I HAVE MISSED HIM!!!

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