Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Hospital Fun!!

We went on our usual "donut and refill" run this morning and dropped by the hospital to give Melissa and Steve some donuts. Melissa was all showered and up and around looking great! We only stayed for a little bit because we hadn't gotten dressed for the day!!
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We went to lunch and hit most of the regular stores, we were trying to find a preemie outfit for the baby because she came out so tiny that the clothes Melissa had to bring her home in look huge!! We didn't have much luck.
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Melissa thought they would be going home tonight but the pediatrician wanted them to stay over one more night so we went to keep them company!
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All the sisters and baby Harper, well almost all, I am not sure why Amberly isn't in these pictures. We had a fun time hanging out in Melissa's room and holding the sweet baby!!

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Melissa said...

Thanks for coming and keeping me company! Can you email me the sister pictures too?