Friday, February 12, 2010

Sugar Cookies

We didn't have much going on today so I thought it would be a great idea to make sugar cookies for the FIRST time EVER!!!
I had to go buy cookie cutters from Macey's after work and then I got started. I got the dough made and started baking, man this recipe made a ton of cookies!!! I was cooking them for hours and Rich was getting really impatient because he wanted to go to dinner!
Finally about 7pm all the cookies were baked and we went to Papa Kelsey's for dinner. It was just me Rich and Max, Alexa and Alex were at their friends houses.
When we got home, I made the frosting and Rich helped me frost the cookies while we watched the news. It was great having him help but it still took a really long time to get them all done!
They turned out really yummy and I am really glad I made them!! I am not sure if I will be making green shamrock cookies next month, we will just have to wait and see!!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I vote yes on the green shamrock cookies! I loved you cookies they were delcious!