Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rich's DAY OF FUN!!!

As you know Rich has been living at the Duvall's house for the past 9 days...I thought he could use a "mini vacation."
I wish I had the money to take him on a real vacation, but since I don't I had to get creative!!!
We left the house and headed to Provo. Now you have to keep in mind that we are on a budget and that I was really trying to give him a relaxing day without spending too much money!!! We both got massages at Provo College. It was only $30 for both of us to have a 50 minute massage. I will not lie, it was not the best massage I have had (and it felt like I was in a hospital triage area) but it was relaxing and I got what I paid for!! Rich actually really enjoyed his and that is all that matters!! He was not happy about my snapping pictures of him all day but he was a pretty good sport!!!
We headed to the Orem Fitness Center to relax in the hot tub and the steam room. We stayed there for a while and it was fun to sit there and talk. We both got ready and I kept having memories of high school (having to get ready in the locker room after Hi-Lo practice). It is not fun getting ready in a locker room and needless to say it was a bad hair day for me!!!
We were both pretty hungry so I gave him a few options for lunch and he picked "Noodles and Company." We have never eaten there and we both really liked it!!! We ate and talked and it really did feel like we were on vacation a little!!
We decided to head to the mall to kill some time while waiting for a movie. We walked around the Orem mall for a few hours. We window shopped and ate chocolates from See's Candy. We ended up missing our show time so we stayed a little longer!!!
We ended up going to Wendy's for a lite dinner because we both were still pretty full from our lunch. We ate and talked some more. Then we went and bought tickets to "Dear John." We had about an hour to kill before the movie so we walked around the Provo Mall.
The movie was really good and I cried my eyes out!!! I love going to movies and I am so glad that Rich does too. He is willing to go to any movie with me and I love that about him!!!
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We ended up getting home around 11pm. We spent 13 hours together just the two of us and it was WONDERFUL!!! Who says you have to spend alot of money to have a great time!!! We ended up spending under $60 all day!!! Now that is budgeting!!!


Jen B. said...

How fun! You are such a good wife! I love that you only spent $60 and got all that in, that is amazing!!

Jennifer said...

You are such a good wife! You are always coming up with such fun things to do.

Melissa said...

You're cute sis!