Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blue and Gold Banquet

For pack night this month it is the Blue and Gold Banquet. All the boys were asked to decorate a cake with their dads for a contest. The theme was "100 years of scouting." Alex told me the theme after I had already decided on a cake. I saw a picture of this cake on my friends blog (thanks Jami) and I thought it would be fun to re-create it for this event!!!
I made the cake and took it over to the Duvall's house so Alex and Rich could frost and decorate it. I should have just left the room because watching them frost the cake made me crazy and I stepped in a few times!!! We decided to incorporate the "100" part by putting 100 gumballs on the cake!!! I think it turned out really cute. I cropped Rich out of the picture because he didn't look that great and this was the only photo I got...Alex doesn't look that great either but he wouldn't cooperate so he is going to have to live with it!!!
Jennifer offered to take the 3 girls and Max so me, Rich, Alexa, Alex, Harrison and Parker went. Dinner was good we had pulled pork sandwiches and carrots and potato chips. It went a little longer than I was expecting but it was fun. All the cakes got an award and Alex won "most colorful." It was a yummy cake and he had a fun time!!
We picked up the kids from Jennifer's and then it was bedtime. I stayed and helped Rich get the kids in bed. He took care of Madison and I read stories to Adriana and Pieper. They went to bed really good tonight!!! Rich and I watched the news and then I came home to take care of Alexa and Alex who were snoring away in their beds...what great kids!!!


Anonymous said...

It was a VERY cute cake! I'm glad you guys had a good time.

Ace said...


"I cropped Rich out of the picture because he didn't look that great..."

Angela, you KILL me!

Shortcake and Company said...

I {adore} that cute!